Technology-agnostic blockchain solutions.

SMASHINGBLOX is the blockchain practice area within Smashing Boxes. We bring the same human-centered, design thinking capability that Smashing Boxes is known for into the realm of blockchain solution development. We help you conceptualize, realize, commercialize, and then capitalize blockchain solutions that help you win in the marketplace.

+ We help enterprises innovate and compete

+ We help startups launch and grow

Service Offerings

Service Offerings

Advisory Services

Does your business model depend on operating a platform? Is your business vulnerable to the threat of disintermediation? Are you curious about opportunities for increased market share and new revenue streams made possible by distributed ledger technology?

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Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain Solution Design & Development Services

Discover, design, engineer, evaluate, and iterate your way to a blockchain solution that meets your organization’s strategic objectives. We take you from ideation to rapid prototype to proof-of-concept to pilot implementation.

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Token Solutions

Token Solution Design & Development Services

Leveraging our deep understanding of tokenomics. Avail yourself to entirely new business models and opportunities for value creation in areas of customer engagement, asset management, gamification and incentivization, and much more.

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For the uninitiated, blockchain terminology can be quite cryptic. Use this blockchain dictionary of terms to gain clarity on any jargon that may be encountered on this site. It is a work in progress and is not yet comprehensive. Feel free to suggest new terms for inclusion.

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We’ve got opinions. And we like to share them. At roughly ten years young, the nascent blockchain industry continues to evolve rapidly and the team at SMASHINGBLOX is here to help make sense of it all. Stay tuned for deep insights and technical analysis.

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Blockchain Platform Alliances

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Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA)

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance is a member-driven standards organization whose charter is to develop open, blockchain specifications that drive harmonization and interoperability for businesses and consumers worldwide.

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EOS Alliance

The EOS Alliance is a nonprofit education association for users of the EOS software. Its mission is to do the work needed so that the EOS Community will have robust focal points for communication, coordination and information in order to effectively self organize, towards creating a decentralized, secure internet.

What many fail to realize is that the next blockchain killer app will be that which nobody even realizes is a blockchain app.

If the use of your application requires knowledge of elliptic curve digital signature algorithms (ECDSA), then we will never see widespread adoption. We must focus on creating a frictionless and unintimidating user experience.

Walter Pinson